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This stands as a testimonial and thank you Greenlight Water & Air Enhancements for the Entek Water Filtration System that was installed in our home March 1, 2017. We have experienced the softness of our skin, the spots on the drinking glasses are no longer there, the clothes are much brighter and the towels are softer, the taste and the softness of the water is noticeable with the beverages, tea, coffee and food. I even noticed the softness of my hair when I washed it. We have not gotten our water bill since we had the system, but I am pretty sure if it has done everything else you said that it would
do there's no way we won't save money.


My husband and I look forward to the upgrade in the near future.

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Stanley

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I would like to start off by saying how much my family and I love your Entek products. From the first day we started using them we have noticed a huge improvement in the quality of our
water and the quality of our air. I personally noticed how much time I have cut out of my shower routine. I used to spend about 5 to 7 minutes just lathering my wash cloth. Now it
may take me 1 to 2 minutes. So since my shower time has been reduced I started reducing the time on my laundry cycles, and I noticed that my clothes seemed to be even cleaner and


I don't know if my family has noticed, but it seems that their allergy problems have gone away. I haven't heard any coughing or sneezing since we have purchased your products. A clear
indication to me that our air quality is much better. I also noticed that we are not spending as much time cleaning up as we used to. We're spending less time scrubbing and dusting and
more quality time with each other.


I have yet to see my electric bill for this month but my gas bill is not nearly as high as last Month. And I know that's a result of having your products. The bottom line is we love your
product and would and have recommend it to many others.


p.s. many of our friends and family have purchased from Greenlight Water & Air Enhancements as a result of our recommendations.

Amina Taylor