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My husband and I are new customers of the Entek Water Treatment System. We very reluctantly set an appointment with the sales representative, Damon, who had called several times to make a presentation to us and finally gave in only because my daughter had referred him to us and promised a free restaurant gift certificate just for listening. We had decided before hand that we were not going to commit to any purchase, no matter what he said. We begrudgingly allowed Damon access to our kitchen where he began his tests on our water, thinking all along, just hurry up before "American Idol" started. As Damon proceeded with his demonstration, we became more and more interested but still resolved no deal. I don't know at what point my husband began to bend, but for me it was the test on how my hand felt after washing with our tap water compared to the Entek Water Treatment System, or when he showed us the contents of the water taken from our hot water heater. It was cruddy and brownish and to think I had been bathing in it all these years was traumatizing, not to mention knowing we had boiled potatoes, pasta, rice, etc., in that dirty water! We were sold! We knew we could never go back to that. Needless to say the other benefits to acquiring the system, the free personal and household products and free 5 year membership to the buyers club, sealed the deal for us. We were especially happy to have the system installed by a very professionally installed in 2 days!! We have used the system for two months now and are so pleased with the results and the advantages; no more bottled water, no more hard water stains in the tubs, toilets, not to mention the comfort level we have of knowing we have clean drinking and bathing water.


We would and have highly recommended the Entek Water Treatment System to our friends and family, one who has already had it installed and thanked us for the referral.

B. Swann

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I purchased the Entek Water Treatment System a couple of weeks ago. When Kimberly came to my house and showed me how dirty my water was and what we were bathing in, drinking and washing
clothes, it made me think about what goes in and on our body. Now that I have used the Entek Water Treatment System I have noticed a big difference. When I pour my drinking water it comes out sparkling clean and clear with no funny taste. When I cook noodles they come out without being stuck together and the food comes out tasting better. When I take a shower or wash my hands I have noticed how it makes your body soft and smooth. After washing clothes they come out cleaner and brighter. When I wash my dishes they come out cleaner without any spots. I also noticed that you don't have to use a large amount of soap on your wash cloth or when washing clothes to get a lot of suds. The products that I use have a very nice scent smell to it. I'm really enjoyed using the Entek Water Treatment System. I'm glad that I purchased the system.

J. Colmes