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February 17, 2017

I purchased the Entek Water Treatment System a couple of weeks ago. When Kimberly came to my house and showed me how dirty my water was and what we were bathing in, drinking and washing
clothes, it made me think about what goes in and on our body. Now that I have used the Entek Water Treatment System I have noticed a big difference. When I pour my drinking water it comes out sparkling clean and clear with no funny taste. When I cook noodles they come out without being stuck together and the food comes out tasting better. When I take a shower or wash my hands I have noticed how it makes your body soft and smooth. After washing clothes they come out cleaner and brighter. When I wash my dishes they come out cleaner without any spots. I also noticed that you don’t have to use a large amount of soap on your wash cloth or when washing clothes to get a lot of suds. The products that I use have a very nice scent smell to it. I’m really enjoyed using the Entek Water Treatment System. I’m glad that I purchased the system.