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February 17, 2017

Since having the Entek Water Treatment System installed in our home, right at the New Year, we have noticed a significant difference in our water.


We have become avid water drinkers, consuming 4-5, 20 ounce glasses per day-from the faucet, now the that water is odorless. The ice from our ice maker is so crystal clear. We use the Entek Water Treatment System for drinking, cleaning fruits and vegetables, as well as. cooking and have noticed how it enhances the flavor in our food.


Thanks to Albert, our Greenlight Water & Air Enhancements representative, for sharing the Ivory soap demonstration. We have since changed our bath soap to IVORY and noticed how we both feel clean and soft after baths and showers. The water feels softer coming from the faucet and beads up as it hit your skin. No more dry-cracking heels or dry-skin patches. YAY! It is a very refreshing feeling after a long hard day.


The Entek Water Treatment System has also made chores a lot easier. From the laundry, kitchen, bath and shower, to washing the cars, we have noticed that the need for various market cleaners has been reduced. We are very happy with and enjoy the use of our Entek Water Treatment System in our home.